We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your cooperation and understanding in holding this event.
We are pleased to report that the event was successfully completed.
Thank you again for your support.

Project Purposes

Hiroshima in 2020, 75 years after the war.
This year should have been another year to pray for Hiroshima 75 years ago, and renew our thoughts for the next 100 years.
However, due to the effects of COVID-19, our 75th year is facing unprecedented circumstances.

After exploring what we can do despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in the way that is uniquely Hiroshima, in the way that reflects the present time, and in the way that is possible even with restrictions, we have planned the “Online Toro Nagashi (Online Lantern Foating)”..

  1. “Toro Nagashi”, which can be participated in online using computers and smartphones
  2. Online “Hiroshima River of Love 2020”, which will convey the late Barefoot Gen author Keiji Nakazawa’s thoughts and messages in his poem through song

With these 2 projects as the core, we will pass on the important messages from the past to the future, and continuously send Hiroshima’s precious thoughts to the world.

75 years have passed. Let’s weave the past, the future, Hiroshima, and the world together.

Day of the Event


Online Toro Nagashi is carried out in a virtual space using the internet, instead of actually floating lanterns down a real river.
(Courtesy of Hiroshima - 3rd Generation Exhibition: Succeeding to History

You can float your lantern while at home, within and outside Hiroshima Prefecture, or even from overseas.
It also allows aging A-bomb survivors to participate without any cost or difficulty.
Lanterns created online are floated down the virtual river along with special messages by their creators.

On August 6 (the anniversary of the atomic bombinng of Hiroshima), the Online Toro Nagashi was displayed on the screens at the main venue of Hiroshima Hananowa 2020, the event for appreciating and sharing the importance of flowers and greenery as well as the preciousness of peace with people around the world (located at the former site of Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium).
Down the pathway decorated with over 200 real paper lanterns at the projection site, virtual lanterns were displayed on 5 screens, together with messages filled with various thoughts and wishes sent from all over the world.
A video to introduce the history of Hiroshima’s Toro Nagashi was played on the screens, which filled this year’s August 6, the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing with prayers for the victims’ souls and for world peace.

On-site participants: 634
Online participants (August 6 through August 31): 6,349
Participating countries: 10

Read people’s messages

Artists from Japan and 16 countries around the world will call for peace through songHIROSHIMA RIVER OF LOVE 2020

Because we were unable to arrange an on-site choral performance of Hiroshima River of Love written by late Keiji Nakazawa, author of Barefoot Gen, this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, we gathered video clips of people singing from all over Japan and around the world.

Children from Japan and 16 other countries participated, and professional singers also added their voices.
The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra and the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra collaborated for this project.
The special video of the performance filled with heartfelt thoughts of a total of 350 people was completed.

The video was shown on the screens at the projection site as well as live-streamed on our website on August 6, the day of the event.
It was also broadcast on a digital billboard and commercial facilities in 3 locations in Hiroshima.
The singing voices and performances filled with thoughts and prayers flowing throughout the venue, made the desire for peace and repose of the souls even stronger.

Children from Japan and 16 other countries
United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China, Mongolia, Korea, Indonesia, Egypt, Switzerland, Chile, Morocco, Uganda, Italy

Tokiko Kato, Yoshikuni Dochin (CHEMISTRY), TEE, Mai Fukui, Hitomi Shimatani, Kazumi Nikaido, Chris Hart

Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra & New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Children who applied as general participants
Sasebo Boys and Girls Choir (Nagasaki), Nagasaki Boys and Girls Choir (Nagasaki), Esashi Heart Sing "VoCE" (Esashi, Hokkaido), Soul Searchin' (Wakkanai, Hokkaido), Nichinan Junior Chorus (Miyazaki), Hamabe-no-uta Music Hall Boys and Girls Choir (Akita), Kids’ Chorus "Mini Beadle" (Aomori), Tono Children's Chorus (Iwate), Tsukushi-no-kai Children's Chorus (Miyagi), Iida Children's Chorus (Nagano), Tsukuba Children's Chorus (Ibaraki), Hiroshima Junior Chorus, Akujo-jidai (Hiroshima), Luv La Rosso (Hiroshima), Children of the River of Love Project in Hiroshima

Messages from the Hiroshima River of Love 2020 participating artists

Messages From "Hiroshima River of Love 2020" Participating Artists

Tokiko Kato

It is my wish that the message from Hiroshima to the world will bring people’s hearts together as one without the borders.

Messages From "Hiroshima River of Love 2020" Participating Artists

Chris Hart

We are one world, one human race, brought together for love and peace.

Messages From "Hiroshima River of Love 2020" Participating Artists

Mai Fukui

My grandmother was born in Hiroshima, and inherited her life there. Let’s share our time together until our children’s generation, wishing for the world filled with kindness and smiles.

Messages From "Hiroshima River of Love 2020" Participating Artists


This song is fulled with the power of love. People should be connected, because they are connected. I would like to be the kind of adult who is thoughtful and supportive of each other, and who can leave a legacy to the next generation of children. I would be happy if this song gives people an opportunity to contemplate various things. One Love and Peace.

Messages From "Hiroshima River of Love 2020" Participating Artists

Hitomi Shimatani

Dear children of the future,I hope happiness, peace, and smiles will be spread throughout the world from Hiroshima. Let’s all work together hand in hand.

Messages From "Hiroshima River of Love 2020" Participating Artists

Kazumi Nikaido

I was born in Hiroshima, and still live there. I am an adult now. There was a time when I was a child. I will get older and older. I have 2 children now, and they will soon grow up to be adults too. The flow of time does not wait, but that is exactly the way we live our lives. There are things that never change, and there are things that change, both of which are important. However, no matter how much times change, there is one thing we must promise ourselves: we must truly be considerate of one another. We must always be caring, and never hurtful. We must never forget that. There are many different perspectives. The world is vast, and even in one country many things are different. But none of us is alone, and we are all living connected to many people. There is no escape from that, so we must live with both joys and constraints that come with it, because it ultimately brings us joy. I also strongly feel that we must leave such legacy behind after our lives are over. Now, children and adults, let’s work together hand in hand.

Messages From "Hiroshima River of Love 2020" Participating Artists

Yoshikuni Dochin, member of CHEMISTRY

Seventy-five years have passed since the atomic bombing. I hope we can all come together not letting the history fade away.

Messages From "Hiroshima River of Love 2020" Participating Artists

Shogo Asayama, professional basketball player of Hiroshima Dragonflies

This year is the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing, when it was said that no plants or trees would grow for the next 75 years. Having a motto of “Peace is essential for sport, and sport is essential for peace”, the Hiroshima Dragonflies is sending the message of peace by giving the Fair Play Award named Orizuru Award (Origami Crane Award), and exchanging paper cranes with an opposing team before the game as part of the Peace Project. As 75 long years have passed, I will play as a professional basketball player to pass on the legacy of the atomic bombing to the younger generation and to send the message of peace. The world is now fighting against COVID-19. I hope we can overcome COVID-19, and wish for the everlasting world peace.

Messages From "Hiroshima River of Love 2020" Participating Artists

Seiya Tanaka,, professional basketball player of Hiroshima Dragonflies

It has been 75 years since the atomic bombing. We the Dragonflies hope to enliven Hiroshima with the power of sports, and will keep playing with the spirit of fair play. Though the world is facing the great crisis now, I hope that we will not be defeated by this, and that we can work together hand inn had to make the world peace everlasting.

About Toro Nagashi in Hiroshima

About Toro Nagashi in Hiroshima